Our Natural Stone products come directly to the US market from SouthEast Asia via our friends at Indolotus Imports of Maui, Hawaii. Abundant local sources in Asia offer a wide choice in stones: weathered beach pebbles in varying colors, tumbled rock from volcanic sources, tumbled quartz and marble, and even tumbled recycled roofing tiles. We offer thirty different stone choices for your preference.

    Used throughout the Pacific Rim, all conceivable installations have proven possible at these and other fine locations: the Four Seasons Resort in Wailea, Manele Bay Hotel, Lanai, Kaanapali Marriot Hotel, and the Grand Wailea Resort.


    • Individual stones gauged within a 2 millimeter thickness variation prior to putting on mesh
    • Interlocking edges for a completely seamless installation
    • Two types of stone: Natural beach pebbles and various rock types slab-cut then tumbled


    • Lay just like any tile
    • Adhere with thin set then grout with correct color
    • Seal with stone or tile sealer after thin set application and then again after grout
    • Under-layment or subsurface is the same as for any tile or stone flooring
    • Can be installed on uneven surfaces
    • Individual stones can be removed from mesh and used to fill in edges next to walls or on a curved edge


    • Currently 33 samples (color and style variations)
    • Patterns include: mosaic, tumbled, pebble, and basketweave
    • Random-sized pebbles on mesh, interlocking design
    • Border strips available on request (6", 4", etc., special order)
    • Decorative trim strips (special order)
    • Carved stone basins in various colors and shapes
    • Stepping stones available: pre-grouted, set in concrete, 16" sq. modules
    • Pre-set patterned deco strips: mini mosaic marble sheets in square pattern


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