All of the stones pictured below are available for immediate delivery. Our Natural Stone tiles are assembled with careful attention to details of color, size and measured thickness. Quality control in manufacturing creates a unique tile that is uniform and very easy to install. Each 12" square tile block has four interlocking edges which fit together in any direction to create a seamless installation. Great care is taken attaching stones to the mesh to ensure very close and symmetrical spacing, making narrow, uniform grout lines.

    Because the stones and pebbles are individually gauged within a 2mm thickness tolerance, the finished installation is a smooth even surface, making grout application no more difficult than any other tile product.

    Run your hands over our stone tiles to feel and see the difference between our product and any others. Samples of any stone type available, please inquire.

    Maui Sunset Pebble

    Onyx, Tumbled

    Toast, Tumbled

    Terracotta, Flat

    Black Round Beach Pebble

    Black Beach Pebble

    Robin's Egg Blue Pebble

    Ecru Pebble

    Eggshell Pebble

    Seal Grey, Tumbled


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